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Dental hygienists are sometimes seen as “background” health care workers. While there may be others who don’t seem to be used to their maximum potential (we’re looking at you PSWs, nurses and midwives), I’m here to let you know a little bit more about the Registered Dental Hygienist – the RDH.

Registered dental hygienists are actually their own professional. Typically, you meet an RDH in a dental office among dentists and dental assistants, however, the RDH is merely employed by the dentist – sometimes hired on as an independent contractor. Although working collaboratively with the dentist in a one-stop-shop concept, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that people are just not aware of. The RDH abides by her own rules and regulations, manages her own records, and is held to her own ethical standards.

So go ahead, book that appointment with the registered dental hygienist who practices outside of the traditional dental office. S/he is legit. But just in case you needed one last convincing piece, you can check out the Ontario public registry and search for your RDH – it doesn’t get any more legit than this!

Meet Holly!

Hi, I'm Holly. I love helping people keep their smiles healthy. I've been a registered dental hygienist for over 10 years. One day, I decided to take a HUGE chance. I left my stable job in the city to carve out my own path with my knowledge and skills in dental hygiene.

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