Go Ahead, Ditch the Floss

Yep, you read that right, you don’t have to floss. Buuuuutttt…. you still have to clean between your teeth and under your gums. And a toothbrush alone, simply won’t do. So what can you do instead of flossing? Try a Waterpik!

A Waterpik, also known as a water flosser, is a device that uses a stream of water to clean between your teeth and under your gums. It is a safe & effective alternative to traditional flossing, as it can reach places that a toothbrush and string floss may not be able to. Many people find it easier to manipulate than traditional string floss. In fact, water flossing is twice as effective at reducing gingivitis than string floss. 


If you struggle with traditional flossing or have braces, crowns or bridges, a Waterpik may be right for you. It is also a good option if you have gum disease or other oral health issues, as it can help remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums. And if you have implants, the Waterpik is a must!


Using a Waterpik is fairly simple. You fill the device with water and aim the nozzle at your teeth and gums at a 90 degree angle. The Waterpik uses the pressure of the water to clean between and around your teeth. Some Waterpik models come with different settings for pressure and different nozzle tips for different needs. You can also use mouthwash in place of water, but stay away from concentrated insoluble essential oils or iodine which may cause your waterpik to stop working.


It’s important to note that a Waterpik should not be used as a substitute for brushing your teeth, but rather as a supplement to your oral hygiene routine. If you have any concerns about whether a Waterpik is right for you, it’s best to consult your dental hygienist. Looking to book your next dental hygiene appointment? Book with us, we love meeting new people!

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