Dental Trends That Should be Left in the Past

A new year sparks new ideas and trends. Here is a list of a few of the most bizarre trends that were happening in the past, from a dental perspective. 


1. Filing your Teeth

This was probably the worst dental trend that popped up last year. In no way, shape or form is it a good idea to file off enamel. Never. Ever. Enamel does not grow back. Filing off the enamel could result in hypersensitivity and, on top of that, the area is now more susceptible to decay because the enamel is thinner. Also, I’d argue that the sound of a metal file shredding off pieces of enamel might actually be worse than the sound of a dentist’s drill.


2. Rubbing fruit on your teeth to whiten them

Banana peels, strawberries, or any fruit really, will not whiten by rubbing the fruit on the teeth. If one is looking for whiter teeth, then consider booking an appointment with a dental professional, or, at the very least, try an over-the-counter product. The only thing that may come from squishing compost against your teeth, could be a change in pH – and this could increase risk of decay.


3.  Applying fake fangs to your teeth with super glue

Another strange trend that came out from TikTok was the idea of applying fangs to real teeth using super glue or nail glue. Not only could these types of glue be toxic, and therefore NOT safe to put in your mouth, but people were having trouble removing the fangs after they were done with them. If you ever find yourself in a situation similar to this, be sure to contact a dental professional for proper removal. Yanking or prying anything that’s been glued on the teeth could result in damage to the tooth.


So there you have it. What I would like to know is, what makes these trends go viral? I’d like to see if I can apply the same tactics and potentially get flossing to go viral 😉

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