4 Simple Tips to Try for a Healthy Mouth

Mar 16, 2021 | Oral Health Tips & Tricks | 0 comments

It’s January, and you’ve just scrolled past another new years resolution post. It’s crossed your mind already, that day you fell asleep before the stroke of midnight. You know there are things you could change or do differently, but after everything that’s happened in 2020, a new years resolution really isn’t the kind of stress you need to add in your life right now. Besides, you never keep them anyway…

So what can you do that will help your oral health, but won’t weigh you down?

1. Add to your existing routine

At a minimum, keep your routine of brushing and flossing twice a day. Then, add something else that will help reduce food or bacteria in your mouth, but won’t set your oral health back if you skip it. Try squeezing in another round of flossing while watching TV or maybe a quick swish with water after eating.

2. Try a mouthwash

If you’re not already swishing, try incorporating a mouthwash after you brush. Not only will it give you fresher breath, but different rinses have different benefits. Some help reduce sensitivity, while others prevent cavities. One of the most common uses of mouthwash is to help improve gum health. Be sure to consult a dental professional to find out which mouthwash you would benefit the most from.

3. Welcome a new tool to your arsenal

Remember walking down the toothpaste aisle in a store and it would be covered from top to bottom with products galore? Well next time you’re with your dental hygienist, ask if they recommend another tool that may benefit you. These tools are typically easy to use and effective. Ask your dental hygienist to give you a live demo to make sure you have the proper technique.

4. Switch up your toothpaste

You may have been recommended a particular toothpaste from your dental hygienist and in this case, I don’t suggest changing. However, if you’ve just been using the same paste for years because “it’s just what I always use” then talk to your dental hygienist and see if there might be one you can try that would provide more benefit to you and your particular needs. They might even have samples to try!

So there it is. A few ideas that may help improve your oral health and won’t cause a lot of stress. Remember to always reach out to your dental hygienist for recommendations on specific products that are right for you.

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